Google Block Site – Enhancing Search Accuracy

POSTED BY Radu IN News, Software ON 15 Mar 2011

Google introduced these days a new function: Block Tool. Through this function, we will have the chance to block certain websites that we consider inutile, irrelevant or potentially dangerous by content.

As you well know, when we perform a search, we can have just one preview of the sites from the results list, before actually accessing that particular website. If the accessed link takes us to an irrelevant page, the first thing we usually do is to get back to the results page. When we do that, in the right side of the last accessed link we notice the option of blocking the respective site (Block all <site name> results). Once you’ve checked this option, that specific website will never appear in the results list.

1 Google Block Site   Enhancing Search Accuracy

We can block as much as 500 sites.

Of course, if you realize if you’ve made a mistake, you could bring back the blocked websites in the results page, by using the management module – Manage Blocked Sites.


4 1024x444 Google Block Site   Enhancing Search Accuracy

If you already know some websites that you’d like to block from the results page, you could do it manually, by adding the address in the box allocated for this.

This seems to be a utile option for users, the single negative aspect being that few will notice this new function, the majority of users being focused on the title from the search page and not on the associated options especially that Block Site appears only after you get back from a website that you accessed.

What does this mean?

Google cares about its user’s time or maybe the search algorithm and the displayed results are not the most relevant ones for the users?



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