Geeky Inventor creates the perfect woman

POSTED BY Jac IN News ON 1 Jan 2010

the robot wife 2 1 Geeky Inventor creates the perfect woman

Ok you better get ready for this one, it’s a cracker. Most of us spend the holiday season tucked up at home with our nearest and dearest, and things were no different this year for 34 year old inventor Le Trung from Ontario in Canada.

Le Trung is utterly devoted to his wife Aika and so he and Aika along with Le Trung’s mother and father enjoyed a festive dinner together.

There’s absolutely nothing strange about that is there, except for the fact that his ‘wife’ is not like any other, she is Le Trung’s very own creation. Now that’s pretty geeky.

Aika just happens to be a robot or fembot who Le Trung built by himself with a little help from his parents and $30,000.

I have no way of knowing if Aika is a figment of Le Trung’s imagination, or mine, but apparently Aika has attracted attention right across the globe. Not surprised at that, she’s surely got to be the ultimate gadget.

By all accounts she is beautiful and she can speak 13,000 different sentences in both English and Japanese and can do many other things just like anyone else.

She recognises faces, particularly Le Trung’s of course, and never nags him about anything. Aika will utter a polite ‘hello’ when introduced.

Her skin is made of silicone, and she has real human hair as a wig. Probably the weirdest aspect of Le Trung using technology to replace human activities is that Aika’s skin is actually touch sensitive and she can really tell the difference between being tickled or caressed.

Even stranger, is that she knows when she is being touched inappropriately and will reward you with a resounding slap if you dare to try such a thing, which of course you wouldn’t.

The only problem with Aika is that Le Trung hasn’t managed to find a way to use technology to get her to walk yet so she spends all her time sitting around doing nothing.

Le Trung built his very first robot when he only four years old so he has had plenty of time to practice getting it right. His latest creation, his dream woman, is his pride and joy and by creating her Le Trung has apparently advanced the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Such is Le Trung’s love for his carefully designed ‘wife’ he didn’t even forget to buy her special gifts this holiday season.

Real life is definitely stranger than fiction.

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