Galaxy S 3 Mini Release To Take Place On October 11

POSTED BY Adnan IN News ON 4 Oct 2012

In recent years Samsung has emerged as a dominant player in the global smartphone market. It has proved to be a worthy rival for Apple and its products have been going head to head with the fruit company’s iPhone. Earlier this year Samsung announced and subsequently released the Galaxy S 3. It immediately became a hit and millions of units have been sold around the world up till now, while a huge amount of units are sold every single day.

The Galaxy S 3 is impressive to say the least, but wouldn’t it be more impressive if relatively the same amount of specifications were put in to a device that was not as big or as expensive as the Galaxy S 3? Samsung though so too, that is why it is being rumoured that Galaxy S 3 Mini release will take place on October 11.

samsung logo1 Galaxy S 3 Mini Release To Take Place On October 11

Samsung had announced previously that it will be conducting a special event on October 11. It was rumoured then that at this event the Korean manufacturer will announce Galaxy Music, but now all evidence points to a Galaxy S 3 Mini release. The event will be taking place in Germany and invitations to media outlets have already been sent. It looks like the invitation has tell tale signs as to what product Samsung will be announcing. Dropping subtle hints in the invites is not a new thing, Apple does it all the time.

galaxy s 3 mini e1349335406786 Galaxy S 3 Mini Release To Take Place On October 11

The hint in this invite is said to be the letter ‘S’ which is stylized in the way this very letter is stylized on Galaxy S series by Samsung. Accompanying this is a line which reads: “small is now a big hit”. Surely these are the subtlest of all hints but they do lead us to believe that a Samsung Galaxy S 3 Mini release might be taking place on October 11 in Germany.

With the Galaxy S 3 already dominating the market as it is, do you really think there is a spot in the market for a toned down version of this popular smartphone? Furthermore, what exactly will Samsung introduce in the Galaxy S 3 Mini and what would be the defining features that would differentiate it from its full-fledged counterpart?

Obviously these are questions that only Samsung knows the answer to. On the contrary, all of this can also be a huge misunderstanding and we just might be treated to the new Galaxy Music instead of a Galaxy S 3 Mini release on the aforementioned date.

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