FIFA 12 Download For Android Available Now From Google Play Store

POSTED BY Adnan IN News ON 16 Mar 2012

Android users will rejoice as FIFA 12 for Android is now available for download. Mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones are all about apps and games these days. I have said countless times that in this age, the success of any device or platform depends upon the number of apps that are available for it. People just don’t want a device for it’s looks. They want a device that can do all the things it’s competitors do. Manufacturers have strived hard to make gameplay experience on mobile devices amazing. They have succeed, but much of this success is attributed to the developers who make mind blowing games. FIFA 12 fits the bill perfectly and thankfully, it is now available for Android lovers around the globe.

fifa 12 android download FIFA 12 Download For Android Available Now From Google Play Store

If you’ve not been following recent updates in the technology world, you might be a bit intrigued about the term “Google Play Store”. Previously, Google had an Android Market which housed apps and games for it’s Android platform. Since last week, Google has amalgamated all of it’s services under the Play banner. Now the Google Play store houses apps, games, movies, music and much much more. So if you don’t have it on your device, now is probably the right time to learn how to install Google Play on your Android device.

Soccer is an internationally loved sport, which is revered as well as played by millions around the world both in reality and virtually. FIFA has always been the most played soccer game and EA Sports mobile division has now released FIFA 12 for Android. It sports amazing graphics and splendid gameplay, which makes playing this game on Android devices a real breeze.

Fun fact: FIFA 12 for Android is the only officially licensed FIFA soccer game, which further solidifies EA’s claim that this game provides unprecedented reality during gameplay. They also claim that this is the deepest, most visually striking football title ever. By the looks of things, they’re not bluffing. I must say that you should try this game on your Android device. It is an absolute pleasure to play it, and FIFA 12 for Android will keep you hooked to your device for hours.

FIFA 12 for Android will run on any device that is compatible with Android 2.1 firmware or higher versions. The game can be purchased right now from the Google Play Store for a nominal price tag of $4.99. So what are you waiting for, let the games begin!

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