Fantastical For iPhone Is Now Available For Download

POSTED BY Adnan IN Apple ON 29 Nov 2012

The iPhone is one of the most sold smartphone in the world. Millions of people around the world use it for a variety of tasks every day, apart from the obvious use of making a call and sending text messages. The iPhone is a perfect smartphone for those who want to browse the internet, catch up on their emails or even do a bit of gaming. For important people it has an excellent calendar app.

If you’re not impressed by the native calendar app on iPhone, rejoice as Fantastical for iPhone is now available for download from the iTunes App Store. For the uninitiated, Fantastical is a popular calendar app for Mac, in fact it is the most popular calendar app for Mac. It now makes its way from Mac over to the iPhone. Fantastical for iPhone does not fail to impress and it fully lives up to our expectations.

fantastical iphone logo 1 Fantastical For iPhone Is Now Available For Download

Flexibits, the developers of Fantastical, had previously promised that they would be launching this app on this very day. They have stayed true to their promise and have released this wonderful calendar app for the iPhone. Just because it has been ported from Mac to a mobile platform does not mean that its signature feature has been left out. Fantastical for iPhone comes with the natural language engine which can automatically create events when the user merely types in full sentences. Support for dictation is also present, though it would only work with iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and the 5th generation iPod touch. Both the natural language engine and dictation work as well as they do on Mac.

The iPhone version also has an exclusive feature called DayTicker view which offers a glimpse of events coming up in the next few days. The event list shows all of the upcoming events in one neat view. Flexibits claims that Fantastical for iPhone is the fastest and the friendliest calendar app you can get for your iPhone, and I don’t disagree with them.

Offering its launch celebration sale, Flexibits is offering Fantastical for iPhone at a reduced price of $1.99 for a limited time. It is compatible with any iPhone or iPod touch provided that it is capable of running iOS 5.0 or higher. The app is also optimized for the iPhone 5, which means that it fits beautifully on the larger 4 inch screen of the iPhone 5. You can download Fantastical for iPhone right now from the iTunes App Store.

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