Factory Unlocked iPhone 5 Goes On Sale In USA

POSTED BY Adnan IN Apple ON 1 Dec 2012

It was in September earlier this year when Apple unveiled iPhone 5. The sixth generation iPhone had been talked much about and no one knew exactly what it was going to bring to the table until Apple announced it. Most people say that iPhone 5 is more of an evolutionary model and not a revolutionary model that was expected. However iPhone 5 has been showing strong sales and is breaking all previous sales records set by the previous iPhones.

In USA only carrier subsidized iPhone 5 were being sold after the initial launch took place. The problem with carrier locked iPhones is that they are locked to one specific network and the user can not use the iPhone with any other network in the world. That problem has now been taken care of as Apple is now selling factory unlocked iPhone 5 at Apple Retail Stores in USA.

iphone 5 apple 3 Factory Unlocked iPhone 5 Goes On Sale In USA

The iPhone 5 is one phenomenal smartphone. It comes with a new 4 inch screen which adds more real estate to the display. It has a spectacular unibody construction, the entire skeleton is fashioned out of one piece of aluminium. The build quality is superb to say the least. iPhone 5 is also thinner and lighter than any previous iPhone. It also sports the new Lightning dock connector that Apple has begun installing on all new iOS devices.

Particularly in the USA iPhones are one of the most sold smartphones. There the top three carriers, namely AT&T, Verizon and Sprint, offer iPhone 5 at a subsidized one time price of just $199 for 16GB. There’s a caveat though. These iPhones are locked to their respective networks as they come with a two year contract. Within that two year period, the iPhone can not be used on any other network either in USA or around the world. This could irk many users who either want to use different carriers or absolutely don’t need the carrier lock because they’re someone who travels around a lot.

Pricing is pretty much the same as before. A factory unlocked iPhone 5 can be purchased for $649, $749 or $849 in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB variants respectively. These devices are now in stock at Apple Retail Stores across USA. Alternatively, the factory unlocked iPhone 5 can also be ordered online, though Apple is giving a one week shipping estimate for this units as of now. Factory unlocked iPhone 5 offers users the convenience of using any carrier that they choose, as opposed to carrier locked ones which come with a two year contract.

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