Facebook Phone Built By HTC To Launch With Custom OS In 2013

POSTED BY Adnan IN News ON 26 Jul 2012

This is not the first time we are hearing rumors about a Facebook smartphone. For long the internet has speculated that the world’s largest social network is contemplating producing its very own smartphone. The latest rumor is that a new Facebook Phone built in collaborating with HTC will be released with a custom operating system in 2013. At this point in time it is not known what form factor this new Facebook Phone will be based on and what exactly this custom OS is going to be.

Facebook 1299512c Facebook Phone Built By HTC To Launch With Custom OS In 2013

Facebook has collaborated on smartphones with HTC in the past as well. HTC released a couple of devices which did not do well in the market, but featured deep Facebook integration unlike any other HTC smartphone. It is possible that those devices might have been used as test beds just for the purpose of gauging consumer interest in a Facebook smartphone. One such latest device is called the Status and it had deep Facebook integration in form of a dedicated Facebook button and chat widget.

It is also being reported that the social network has constituted a team of engineers who have worked for Palm and Apple to work on the custom OS for this smartphone. Right now it is not known exactly what this custom OS is going to be. HTC can either make a smartphone which would be running a Facebook approved heavily modified version of Android or maybe these engineers can create a whole new operating system altogether. It is too soon to be certain right now as there are no definitive reports on this matter out there yet.

There are also no reports on the hardware specifics of this new Facebook Phone. The dimensions, the composition materials, the screen size, the form factor as well as internal hardware specifications such as processor, RAM, on board storage and camera are not known yet. This smartphone was to be launched in 2012 but the launch has been pushed ahead in 2013 reportedly because HTC needed time to work on other projects.

While details on this particular smartphone are vague as of now, there is no mistaking the fact that Facebook wants to be in the smartphone game. Nearing 1 billion global users, if done right a Facebook Phone can do wonders for the social network which went public just a couple of months ago. Though there exists a possibility that this new device might be an unfortunate failure in the market just like previous Facebook integrated HTC smartphones have.

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