Facebook Integration And Revamped iTunes, iBookstore, App Store To Feature In iOS 6

POSTED BY Adnan IN Apple ON 2 Jun 2012

We are merely ten days away from Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2012. At the event Apple is expected to reveal a developer preview of iOS 6, it’s next major update for the iOS platform. As usual, rumours are taking the internet by storm. There is speculation about the purported features of this next major software update. Latest rumours predict that iOS 6 will feature deep Facebook integration whereas iTunes Store, iBookstore and App Store will be completely revamped in this update.

wwdc 2012 e1335381134277 Facebook Integration And Revamped iTunes, iBookstore, App Store To Feature In iOS 6

Apple previewed iOS 5 at last year’s Worldwide Developers Conference. This particular update boasted about 200 new features and Twitter integration was one of them. At the time it was pondered upon as to why Apple didn’t integrate the world’s largest social network which has over 900 million users. It was reported that the deal fell through at the last moment and Apple ended up with integration Twitter in it’s largest iOS update. However now it is rumoured that the company has finally sorted out the terms and conditions with Facebook and that it will announce the integration at WWDC 2012.

Facebook integration in iOS 6 is going to be tricky as compared to Twitter integration in iOS 5. Twitter is a relatively simple social network, whereas Facebook is very complex as it allows different levels of sharing. Sources indicate that Apple is going to integrate Facebook at the simplest level, with users having the ability to share content from within iOS 6 to their own Facebook Wall. This in no way means that Twitter integration will be removed from iOS 6. Apple has a solid relationship with the world’s second largest social network and there are no reports indicating that it’s going to drop Twitter integration.

Furthermore it is expected that native apps such as iTunes Store, iBookstore and the App Store will be greatly revamped. Frankly it is about time because these apps have seen little changes for quite some time now. Apart from this, there will be many changes as well as new features. There is also a new Maps application which Apple has produced itself. Solid reports indicate that Apple is going to drop Google Maps as the provider of mapping solutions for it’s iOS devices. Apple’s home-grown new mapping service will take its place.

There is definitely a lot to come, and all these rumours will be confirmed once and for all on June 11 when WWDC 2012 kicks off. Until then, keep reading these rumours with a pinch of scepticism.

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