Download Galaxy S III Official ROM Now And Get S Voice, Smart Stay Plus A Lot More

POSTED BY Adnan IN Software ON 21 May 2012

Samsung has finally announced it’s 2012 flagship Android smartphone, the Galaxy S III. How it stacks up against the competitors in global market, remains to be seen. Nevertheless anxious Android users can now download Galaxy S III official ROM which is packed with goodies that were meant to be exclusive to this smartphone. These goodies, for lack of a better word, include the all new S Voice, Smart Stay and a whole lot more. Be advised though, the sheer size of this ROM makes it one of the largest releases we have ever seen.

galaxy s iii press shot2 Download Galaxy S III Official ROM Now And Get S Voice, Smart Stay Plus A Lot More

Samsung unveiled Galaxy S III to the world earlier this month at an event in London. While it is possible to pre-order Galaxy S III right now, shipments will not begin to roll out until the next ten days at least. On the other hand, Samsung promises that this is going to be the biggest smartphone launch they have ever done, with the device being available with hundreds of mobile carries worldwide.

Samsung has also succeeded in making Galaxy S III the official smartphone of London Olympics 2012. Surely the Android community is anxiously waiting to get their hands on this latest piece of technology. Though I’m quite sure they’ll be just as excited about the fact that they can now download Galaxy S III official ROM. As previously mentioned, the ROM is jam packed with goodies that are exclusive to this new device.

Included in this official Galaxy S III ROM is S Voice, Samsung’s answer to Apple’s personal assistant Siri. iPhone 4S brought Siri to the limelight and immediately became one of the major selling points for said smartphone. There obviously would be retaliation from Apple’s competitors and Samsung is the first to come out with it’s very own offering. Apart from S Voice, there’s Smart Stay. This feature refreshes screen timeout by making use of the front facing camera on the device.

You can download official Galaxy S III ROM from here, however since the download size is approximately 1GB, it is definitely going to take a lot of time. If you don’t want the added luxuries that accompany the whole ROM, you can simply download S Voice from here. However keep in mind that S Voice servers are said to work without any glitches with Samsung devices only. If you install it on an Android device from a different manufacturer, S Voice might face difficulties when trying to function the way it’s supposed to. The ball is in your court now, call the shots as per your discretion.

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