China Will Officially Get iPad Mini And iPhone 5 In Decemeber

POSTED BY Adnan IN News ON 1 Dec 2012

Apple releases its new products in a systematic phased way around the world. The new products first go on sale in USA, Europe, Australia and a handful of other locations. Within a couple of months after initial launch the products are made available officially in as many as 100 countries. Recently the company has released iPhone 5 and iPad mini. Both of these products have been doing very well in the market. They have not been officially released in the highly lucrative market of China as yet.

That is about to change though. An official press release from Apple confirms that both of the aforementioned iOS devices will be coming to China in December. It is about time, seeing how all Apple products are made in China, but China is one of the countries which gets these new devices quite late as compared to Western markets.

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Its not like these products can not be purchased in China right now. As mentioned above China is a lucrative market hungry for the latest and greatest Apple products. The grey markets in China are flooded with iPad mini and iPhone 5 units that come in from Western markets. The only caveat is that grey market sellers charge a high premium on these products which further inflate the already high prices Apple sets for its products. Nevertheless people still buy them regardless of these high premiums.

People in China will certainly rejoice now that iPhone 5 and iPad mini will be available at company determined prices in the People’s Republic. The demand for these products is already there and will a bustling population of over 1.3 billion, its one market that Apple needs to have sure footing in. Apple already has several iconic retail stores in major cities of China such as Beijing.

Earlier this week it was reported that iPhone 5 has finally be granted network certification in China. This means that carriers in China will now start offering iPhone 5 to millions of their customers. iPad mini on the other hand does not need network certification for its WiFi only models. Both of these products will go on sale immediately after they’re officially released in December. The press release does not give a concrete date, but we expect the release to take place before the Chinese New Year as its a big shopping event which Apple wouldn’t want to miss. Pricing for these products in China will only be revealed once they are made available in the country.

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