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How To Install Flash Player On Android Jelly Bean Device

Adobe Flash is a very controversial platform. Sure it has played more than its part in enriching the internet experience but most recently it has come under fire for being too cumbersome. Nevertheless Flash is still required for certain specific online tasks and it may take a lot of time before an internet without Flash…

POSTED IN Software ON 1 Dec 2012

Google Chrome For iOS Now Comes With Passbook Support And More

There was a time when Google’s only strength was considered to be its search engine. Those days are long gone. Now Google has a comprehensive product and service line. Nevertheless its core product is still search, which is unparalleled even in these times of technological advancement. Google has ventured in to many avenues including but…

POSTED IN Software ON 29 Nov 2012

Download New YouTube App For iPhone And iPod Touch From iTunes App Store

Apple confirmed in the first week of August that it would no longer be supporting native YouTube app in iOS 6. It added that Google will be developing a standalone app and starting today you can download new YouTube app for iPhone and iPod touch from iTunes App Store. The app is packed with features…

POSTED IN Software ON 11 Sep 2012

Receive Android Notifications On PC Using DeskNotifier For Android

DeskNotifier for Android is an amazing application that allows you to receive notifications of your Android device on PC. Alongside the app itself, a client software is run on the PC which then shows you all of the notifications. This app is amazing to say the least, not only does it display notifications on the…

POSTED IN Software ON 27 May 2012
Samsung Galaxy S III

Download Galaxy S III Official ROM Now And Get S Voice, Smart Stay Plus A Lot More

Samsung has finally announced it’s 2012 flagship Android smartphone, the Galaxy S III. How it stacks up against the competitors in global market, remains to be seen. Nevertheless anxious Android users can now download Galaxy S III official ROM which is packed with goodies that were meant to be exclusive to this smartphone. These goodies,…

POSTED IN Software ON 21 May 2012

Online Identity Theft: 5 Tips to Steer Well Clear

There’s little intro needed here – we all probably know at least one person that’s had their identity or credit information stolen.  Flat out, it’s the pits.  Here is a list of 5 ways to make sure you aren’t the next victim: – Be wary of Phishing This is a common strategy hackers use to…

POSTED IN Software ON 18 Apr 2012