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Apple Overtakes LG To Take Second Largest Mobile Market Share In America

Apple products are loved around the world. The company started coming out of its downfall ever since the very first iPod was released back in 2001. Then fast forward to 2007 and the company’s first iPhone took the world by storm. Nearly everyone who saw it loved it. The original iPhone was a device that…

POSTED IN News ON 1 Dec 2012
Google Nexus 7

New Nexus 7 With 1GB RAM And microSD Slot Priced At $99 Rumored

One recently there was a report which revealed that iPad’s dominant share in the global tablet market is diminishing all thanks to the plethora of Android powered tablets. There have been a number of hit Android powered tablets including but not limited to the Nexus 7, the Amazon Kindle Fire and the new Nexus 10….

POSTED IN News ON 1 Dec 2012

China Will Officially Get iPad Mini And iPhone 5 In Decemeber

Apple releases its new products in a systematic phased way around the world. The new products first go on sale in USA, Europe, Australia and a handful of other locations. Within a couple of months after initial launch the products are made available officially in as many as 100 countries. Recently the company has released…

POSTED IN News ON 1 Dec 2012

Outlook Android App Download Available Now From Google Play Store

There is no shortage of email service providers on the internet these days, but there are some providers that have always been above the rest. Take Gmail for example. It entered the email arena quite late as compared to Yahoo! and Hotmail but these days it is one of the most widely used email platform…

POSTED IN News ON 30 Nov 2012

iPhone 5 Has Been Granted Network Certification In China

Merely a couple of months ago Apple released iPhone 5 to the public. This latest iPhone model is selling like hot cakes around the world. Apple has already sold a record number this quarter and there are no signs that the sales are going to drop any time soon. Consumers around the world love iPhones…

POSTED IN News ON 29 Nov 2012

Buy Nexus 4 Online Today From 12 PM PST

The smartphone battle has taken new heights in 2012. Android and iOS are as usual the top competitors and arch rivals of each other in the global smartphone market. The year we have seen some amazing phones coming from different Android powered smartphone manufacturers. Take for example the Samsung Galaxy S 3, Samsung Galaxy Note…

POSTED IN News ON 28 Nov 2012