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Samsung Galaxy S III Available For Just $99 From Amazon

The Samsung Galaxy S III is a phenomenal smartphone. Already it has sold over 200 million units globally, apart from having outsold the iPhone 4S in America. Needless to say the future is very bright for Samsung’s flagship Android smartphone. There are many amazing smartphones available in the market right now but without a doubt…

POSTED IN Mobile ON 12 Sep 2012

Dual SIM Samsung Galaxy Note 2 To Be Released In China Soon

In the last week of August Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was unveiled. The first Galaxy Note performed quite well in the market despite its unorthodox form factor which had never been introduced in the market before. This device which is a hybrid of a smartphone and a tablet now has a new model out on…

POSTED IN Mobile ON 11 Sep 2012

New HTC Android Smartphone With 5 Inch 1080p Display Expected In Fall 2012

The smartphone battle has considerably heated in 2012. Samsung has already made waves with the Galaxy S III, its flagship Android smartphone which is doing very well in the market. Apple is expected to announce its next generation iPhone this September. HTC is also a manufacturer that holds a substantial share in the smartphone market….

POSTED IN Mobile ON 6 Aug 2012

Acer Iconia Tab A510 Rivals Asus Transformers Prime

If the Asus’ Transformer Prime seemed a little too expensive for your taste, don’t worry, you get another opportunity at owning a Tegra 3-powered tablet which comes with a more affordable price tag. Courtesy of Acer, we will see very soon on the market the new Iconia Tab A510. The tablet will come with a…

POSTED IN Mobile ON 23 Mar 2012

Sony Xperia Sola Impressed With “Float Touch” Seature

The new high-end smartphone in the Xperia family, Sola, relies on many impressive features to impress the customers. The “float touch” technology allows the users to navigate through the menu without actually touching the screen. All they have to do is to hover the finger above the display like using an invisible mouse and the…

POSTED IN Mobile ON 13 Mar 2012

Samsung Galaxy S 3 Release Date Confirmed To Be In April

2012 is off to a fresh start and the world anxiously awaits new models of the gadgets it has grown to love over the course of last year. In 2011, the iPhone 4 and the Samsung Galaxy S 2 sold like hot cakes because both of these devices are at the top in their leagues….

POSTED IN Mobile ON 2 Mar 2012