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Apple Expected To Shift Mobile Processor Manufacturing To Intel

Time and again I have said that the Apple vs Samsung legal battle is perhaps the greatest legal battle I have seen this year. Both of these companies have sued and counter sued each other in a number of courts around the world. Both of these companies have received verdicts that have been favorable and…

POSTED IN Apple ON 1 Dec 2012
Facebook Lawsuit

How To Enable Facebook Photo Sync On iOS And Android

Facebook is hands down the largest social network in the world. It hosts over one billion users and that number continues to grow exponentially every single day. In less than a decade Facebook has gone from being a campus limited network to an online behemoth which is now also a publicly traded entity. The folks…

POSTED IN Apple ON 1 Dec 2012

The New 2012 iMacs Tout Over 25% Performance Improvement As Compared To Previous iMacs

It has been a very busy couple of months for Apple. The company has made a host of hardware and software related announcements, followed by the release of its new products. So its been a pretty busy couple of months for us too, keeping up with everything the Cupertino California company kept showing us. In…

POSTED IN Apple ON 1 Dec 2012

You Can Now Buy 2012 iMac Models Starting Today

At the iPad mini release event we were treated to a host of new products. The highlight of that event was obviously Apple’s 7-inch iPad. Apart from that the company made a series of announcements. For me the real show stopper that day were the new 2012 iMac models. Even Apple agrees as it itself…

POSTED IN Apple ON 1 Dec 2012

Factory Unlocked iPhone 5 Goes On Sale In USA

It was in September earlier this year when Apple unveiled iPhone 5. The sixth generation iPhone had been talked much about and no one knew exactly what it was going to bring to the table until Apple announced it. Most people say that iPhone 5 is more of an evolutionary model and not a revolutionary…

POSTED IN Apple ON 1 Dec 2012

Redeem Gift Card In iTunes 11 Using The Camera Of Your Computer

It has been less than a day since Apple released iTunes 11. This much awaited iTunes update comes after a number of delays. Now its finally here and can be downloaded straight away for Windows and Mac. iTunes 11 comes with a host of new features apart from the user interface changes as well as…

POSTED IN Apple ON 30 Nov 2012