Beats Audio For Non-HTC Android Devices Now Available

POSTED BY Adnan IN Software ON 4 Mar 2012

HTC is one of the many manufacturers producing a plethora of Android devices every year. Last year HTC released an uncountable number of Android devices. These devices were targeted at all price ranges and market segment however only a couple of devices managed to stand out from the rest. In the beginning of 2012, HTC said that this year they’ll focus on actually producing devices with quality rather than quantity. Last year HTC released a new line-up of Android devices that came with Beats Audio. This was the best thing that ever happened to music aficionados and Android lovers. Unfortunately Beats Audio was exclusive to HTC smartphones, until now.

beats audio logo Beats Audio For Non HTC Android Devices Now Available

A little while back HTC opened up the API for Beats Audio. This allows third party apps to use it. HTC will obviously keep updating the Beats Audio line-up of devices but now apps will also be able to take advantage of it. Previously, even the API was closed.

What exactly is Beats Audio? It’s an equalizer, a good one at that. It actually happens to be a branded equalizer. Beats Audio also manufactures products such as earphones, headphones etc. On HTC smartphones, Beats Audio is an equalizer that offers unmatched sound experience never seen before on Android devices. No other manufacturer officially makes Android devices that are compatible with Beats Audio by default.

XDA Developers member RockoDev has actually ported Beats Audio software and created flashable zip files that can be used with almost any Android device, regardless of it’s manufacturer. A lot of people have tried this port and actually report that they have noticed changes in the audio of their device. The files can be obtained from XDA Developers.

May I remind you that flashing third party files on your Android device is a complex as well as risky procedure if you don’t have any prior experience. There is no need to experiment if you think you’ll end up harming your device.

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