Battle of the Browsers – IE9 vs FF4 vs Chrome

POSTED BY Greg IN News, Software ON 27 Mar 2011

The war of the browsers is heating up, with Internet Explorer 9, Mozilla Firefox 4, and Google Chrome fighting for control of your desktop.  CNET conducted a detailed benchmark battle for all three browsers, to see how well they performed when tested under the same conditions.

A number of tests were carried out, including tests of JavaScript and HTML5 performance, boot times, and memory usage.  Four of the most popular and well respected publicly available tests were used:  WebKit SunSpider 0.9.1, Mozilla Kraken 1.0, Google V8 version 6, and JSGameBench 0.3.

Five websites were opened for each test along with a test site:,,,,,
chart Battle of the Browsers   IE9 vs FF4 vs Chrome
As you can see from the results, there is not much between these three browser heavyweights.  However, if you had to pick a winner, it would be Firefox 4 with four wins out of the six tests.  In contrast, Internet Explorer 9 had a single victory, as did Google’s Chrome.

It is interesting to note that both Firefox and Chrome had the best result on in-house tests, with Chrome having a great result with V8v6 and Firefox with Kraken.  This is not surprising, as development teams obviously base their results on benchmark tests that they approve of and have control over.

While tests like this are always interesting, some of the discrepancies between the browsers would not even be noticed under real world conditions.  For example, on the SunSpider test, the small gap between 250 milliseconds and 290 milliseconds is not even going to be detectable by most people.

When choosing a browser, most people put more emphasis on qualities other than speed, such as the user interface, the availability of extensions, security features, and that most underrated quality of them all – the browser they have used before and are most familiar with.

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