‘Back to the Future’ Delorean Hard Drive!

POSTED BY Greg IN Offbeat ON 28 Nov 2010

delorean 300x153 Back to the Future Delorean Hard Drive!This has to be one of the coolest geeky devices on the market right now.  The Delorean Replica Hard Drive is exactly that, a regular hard drive encased in a model of the iconic car from the ‘Back to the Future’ movies.  While it may not be the cheapest hard drive on the block, if you are a real ‘Back to the Future’ fan I would say it is almost essential.

For anyone really young – or any long term cave dwellers – the Delorean is more than just a regular car.  It was a time machine made by Dr Emmett “Doc” Brown that transported Michael J. Fox into both the past and the future – with hilarious consequences.  While some very hard-core fans have gone all-out to purchase and modify actual Deloreans, most people are not that crazy – ahem, dedicated.

The Delorian hard drive is a 1:18 stainless steel replica model, and features both an opening hood and the unique gull doors that you know and love from the movie.  It is highly detailed and features a Seagate 500GB hard drive that actually works and everything.

In what is news to me, the company who make this device – flash rods, actually manufacture an entire range of flash drives and hard drive vehicles including muscle cars, hot rods, and modern super cars.  Most of the smaller flash drives retail for about $25-$30, including a few limited edition models.

While the USB 2.0 connection on the Delorean hard drive is unlikely to operate as fast as the real thing, and the $250 price tag gives it a pretty expensive GB/dollars ratio, that’s not really the point when you buy a hard drive that looks like a car – is it!

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