Avast Antivirus Software, Is It Any Good?

POSTED BY brian IN Software ON 1 Feb 2009

avast logo Avast Antivirus Software, Is It Any Good?

One of the names you’ll hear being thrown around quite a bit when speaking of anti virus software is going to be Avast. Avast makes a handful of products that seem to be quite popular, having found a user base of hundreds of thousands of users.

They offer everything from free, to budget, to full protection filters, so of course, the question is, are any of these products deserving of the praise they seem to be getting? Or is everyone who uses Avast simply being taken for a ride?

Well, that’s what we’re here to find out. By checking in on the Avast website’s own claims, and comparing them to a number of reviews from unbiased sources, hopefully, we can get to the bottom of this.

In general, the reviews of the software tend to be pretty strong. Avast is widely lauded as being easy to use, and powerful, and really, those are the only two things that really matter in the long run.

With a few recent updates, the user interface has become much easier to figure out, so if you’ve tried Avast before and found it too cumbersome, it might be time to give it another chance (don’t worry, there’s a two month trial offer on the Professional Edition so you can make sure it doesn’t suck before you put any money down).

Apparently, it’s available in thirty different languages. It seems kind of funny that it would boast of that in the English language on the front of the site. Obviously, I don’t need a Spanish version, do I? But still, it’s a nice feature to have.

The program gets automatic updates every single day and, most importantly, the reviewers are saying that it doesn’t eat up much in the way of RAM, which is a very good thing. A lot of virus killers, especially the ones that run in realtime, tend to hog quite a bit of space in your computer’s memory, so having this be easy for you to use, as well as easy for your computer to run, is a great and rare combination.

Here’s our take: The website really likes to push the Professional Edition of their virus scanner packageā€¦ We say don’t bother, unless you’re outfitting your new office or something. The Home Edition will get the job done just fine, and it’s free. Give it a try, you’ll probably dig it.

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