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Online Identity Theft: 5 Tips to Steer Well Clear

There’s little intro needed here – we all probably know at least one person that’s had their identity or credit information stolen.  Flat out, it’s the pits.  Here is a list of 5 ways to make sure you aren’t the next victim: – Be wary of Phishing This is a common strategy hackers use to…

POSTED IN Software ON 18 Apr 2012

iPad Popularity Boosting Advertising Click Rates

According to a report released this week by Marin Software, more people are clicking on ads that appear on their tablets – and, in response, advertisers are increasingly focusing their efforts on this medium. At the end of 2011, tablets accounted for almost 40% of all ads accessed on mobile devices, a growth of over…

POSTED IN Apple ON 27 Mar 2012

New iPhone in 2011

So far we got only these rumours about iPhone 5 coming out in 2011. I would rate them at about 10% true but still, enjoy Verizon Wireless is currently testing a CDMA version of the iPhone 4 and 5 and Verizon confirms they are making network changes to bring the iphone to their network. The…

POSTED IN Mobile ON 12 Nov 2010

Web Resources in Style –

If you are an avid Website Designer or Developer you certainly appreciate sites like Web Resources Depot and WebAppers. There is a new kid on the block called Webification. Worth checking out!

POSTED IN Uncategorized ON 31 Aug 2010

BuddyFox review – Instant messaging finally in Firefox

The new Firefox addon, quietly released just couple of days changes the entire way you can communicate with your friends online. BuddyFox is an instant messaging addon for Firefox browser that does only one thing – it allows you to connect with your friends, chat online and share links without ever leaving your browser window….

POSTED IN Software ON 15 Jun 2010

Firefox addon that turns you into a SEO guru

There is a new addon on the street and this one is a must get if you are a webmaster. SEO Doctor for Firefox will turn you into an SEO in a matter of seconds. Through easy to use interface you will be able to quickly diagnose your site for problems and also check your…

POSTED IN Software ON 25 Mar 2010