AsusTek unveil all singing all dancing tablet pc

POSTED BY Jac IN News ON 31 May 2010

AsusTek tablet pc AsusTek unveil all singing all dancing tablet pc

Taiwan based AsusTek Computer Inc, the same company that thrust the humble netbook upon us back in 2007, have just unveiled a tablet computer that they say will go on sale in the first quarter of next year.

Nothing unusual about a new tablet computer these days, just like when the netbook first made an appearance, companies are falling over each other to get their version of the tablet pc out on the market.

Yes tablet computers are all the rage at the moment, particularly after Apple so successfully launched their tablet despite the fact the fact that Apple’s iPad doesn’t support Flash, has no USB port and doesn’t even have a camera.

So for what it’s worth, here’s the low down on AsusTek’s new tablet, which is the latest one to be unveiled and which will be on display at the five-day Computex Show in Taipai this week, along with a whole host of others.

The Asus tablet or Eee pad comes with a 10 inch or 12 inch screen size and will run on an Intel or Arm Holdings Chip, with Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system.

The Eee pad also operates as an electronic book reader and note taking device and has a built in camera that will enable the user to take snapshots of lecture slides.

The Eee pad also supports Adobe’s Flash which means that users will be able to watch video on the Internet including those on the popular video sharing site YouTube.

“The Eee Pad can display Adobe flash for the full web experience, has a USB port and a camera” said AsusTek chairman Jonney Shih.

“We looked at how we could best address the needs of users from all walks of life, and I believe this is the product.”

Perhaps it will be. As for price, according to Shih, the 10 inch tablet will come with a price tag of between $399 and $449 but there was no word on what the 12 inch version will cost.

Still, if we compare that price tag to Apple’s iPad which sells for between $499 and $699, I think the Eee pad might not be a bad deal at all and could actually do quite well.

However, one of the advantages that Apple products have over others on the market is access to the Apple app store which has around 200,000 applications for users to browse.

Asustek are also apparently planning their own App store but there was no mention of when, but they’ll have to go some to compete with Apple there.

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