Are Tablets Taking Over?

POSTED BY Natalie IN Mobile, Popular ON 22 Jan 2012

It’s hard to go to any tech event these days without seeing dozens of people swiping a finger across a tablet screen, playing Angry Birds in glorious HD or live-tweeting on what’s basically a really large smartphone (minus the phone).

But are tablets really taking over? Will they replace the laptop as the mobile computer of choice?

ipad Are Tablets Taking Over?

It’s still early days, but one thing’s for certain: Tablets have finally gained a strong foothold in the gadget/computer market. Once the domain of younger men with above-average income, women account for nearly half of tablet users now.

And more than half of tablet users earn less than $100,000. While that’s still a hefty income, consider that 38 percent of tablet owners take home less than $75,000. Still above “average,” but certainly not in the 1%, either.

Older consumers are beginning to catch up with young’uns in ownership, as well. Their ease of use, light weight and portability have made them popular with the senior set.

Check out this infographic from Litmus for more details:

are tablets taking over 940x3716 Are Tablets Taking Over?

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