Are Asus planning a swivel-screen notebook

POSTED BY David Allen IN Laptops ON 13 Dec 2011

Not content with trying to corner the market in the ultrabook sector, it seems that the Taiwan based Asustek Computer could be introducing an ultrabook with a swivel screen! This is not everyone’s idea of a cool computer, but Asus do have a range of products that is vast and appears to cater of all needs and requirements, the swivel screen device will just be another sector to attack for the company.

eee pc t91 Are Asus planning a swivel screen notebook

Naturally there is not a great deal of news or details on this new product, but it is rumoured that the prototype will be on display at the COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2012, which will be held at the Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC) Exhibition Hall, Taipei, Taiwan in June.

asus convertible ultrabook Are Asus planning a swivel screen notebook

This leaves Asus plenty of time to get the machine ready for display. Of course, there are a couple of interesting items ready to launch next year too, such as Windows 8 coming out in September and the upcoming Ivy Bridge desktop processor from Intel, it is believed that there will be a chip especially developed for Ultrabooks when it is launched in May.

ASus convertible windows 8 mockup large verge medium landscape Are Asus planning a swivel screen notebook

Therefore, it is all falling into place for Asus; if they are going for a swivel display ultrabook for 2012 all the pieces are coming together nicely. The only question that will hang over this new laptop will be, is there a market for such a computer? These swivel top designs are sort of in the no man’s land of computing, they are not a laptop or tablet, but pretend to be both at the same time.

It is clear that there is a slight demand for a swivel design ultrabook, but cost will come into the equation too, if it is too expensive it may struggle and the same goes for low prices. The truth is that the new swivel top ultrabook will need to hit so many different hotspots that it could struggle, which would be a shame.

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