Are Anti Glare Screens Built In ?

POSTED BY brian IN Laptops ON 15 Jan 2009

Here’s a loaded question: Are anti-glare screens built in?

Well sometimes, sort of, yes, and no.

The simplest way to get into this topic is to just start with the most common anti-glare solution…

Most glossy LCD displays do have a built in anti-glare measure. This is an optical coating, which reduces the amount of external light reflecting off of the surface of the screen. Traditionally, LCD displays would use a matte anti-glare finish to break up the reflective light. The problem is that this would also break up the light coming from the display itself, also you would see more blurriness, lower contrast ratio, and poor color. The optical coating is built in, and it reduces reflective light while preserving the light from the display.

Glossy screens still do tend to reflect some light, but are definitely the preferred option in any room where you can control the light source.

With some laptops, an anti-glare filter is simply placed on top of the display. In this case, it’s not built in, but you probably don’t want to remove it yourself unless you really know what you’re doing.
glare Are Anti Glare Screens Built In ?
Older laptops use the matte anti-glare finish, and while it’s not technically “built-in”, per se, it’s not an easy thing to remove. Think of it like trying to remove the paint from your house, except that your house is a delicate piece of electronic equipment.

If your laptop has a matte finish, you may be able to simply replace the display if it bugs you that much, but trying to scrape it off will probably only damage the display itself.

Probably your best bet is to buy a laptop or a display that does not have “anti-glare” listed as one of its features, and then purchase an anti-glare screen at the same time. This way you can remove the anti-glare screen when you’re indoors, and put it back on when you’re outside.

But you know, it seems like the reason people are asking this question is that they want to know whether or not it’s possible to remove the anti-glare and improve image quality. Don’t try to remove it yourself. You can take it to a repair shop and they should be able to help you, either by removing the optical coating or by replacing the display itself. Don’t try to do it yourself unless you’re an expert. You’ll have to spend a few bucks to have professionals do it for you, but it sure beats destroying your LCD display.

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