Apple Overtakes LG To Take Second Largest Mobile Market Share In America

POSTED BY Adnan IN News ON 1 Dec 2012

Apple products are loved around the world. The company started coming out of its downfall ever since the very first iPod was released back in 2001. Then fast forward to 2007 and the company’s first iPhone took the world by storm. Nearly everyone who saw it loved it. The original iPhone was a device that was not seen or even thought of before. Yet Apple made it and they sold millions of it around the world. However Apple does not enjoy complete domination in terms of mobile market share. It can continued to face stiff opposition from its major rivals in the market.

Though the company’s clout is definitely growing with time. According to a new report on US mobile and smartphone market share, Apple now has the second largest mobile market share in America after overtaking LG, second only to Samsung which is proving to be unstoppable even for a company like Apple.

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comScore conducted a survey of mobile and smartphone users in America. Over 30,000 mobile subscribers were surveyed and in the end the result is that Samsung is leading by a hefty margin when it comes to usage of mobiles and smartphones in America. In percentage terms Samsung is enjoying 26.3% of the 100% mobile market share in America. To put things in perspective, this percentage stood at 25% back in July. Samsung is on the top and no one’s dethroning it any time soon.

While its a long way from the top, Apple has done well enough in USA to clinch the second largest mobile market share in the country. Previously this spot was held by LG with 18.4% which is now down to 17.6%. Apple moves up from its 16.3% previous market share to an all time high of 17.8%, which is enough to overtake LG. This increase in market share can surely be attributed to the new Apple iPhone 5 which has been selling like hot cakes. Seeing how the company has now released factory unlocked iPhone 5 in USA, this percentage is bound to go up substantially, though to not so much to overtake Samsung as well.

Motorola and HTC are back markers in this race with 11% and 6% of the total market share respectively. When it comes to the top mobile platform in America, Android is at the top with 53.6% of the entire market. Apple’s iOS platform has been gaining clout gradually but it would take a lot of time before it can top the Android platform.

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