Apple iPad Mini Display Production To Begin This Month

POSTED BY Adnan IN Apple ON 2 Aug 2012

There can never be enough rumors about an upcoming Apple device. The iPad Mini has proved to be an elusive one. It has been in the news for over two years now but there has been no official word on the existence of this device from the company itself. Various rumors confirm its existence, however when this product will finally be made available to public is still not known. According to a latest rumor, the Apple iPad Mini display is going in to full scale product this month.

ipad mini e1334688240856 Apple iPad Mini Display Production To Begin This Month

The iPad Mini is going to be a toned down version of the full fledged iPad, as the name suggests. This tablet is expected to have a 7.85 inch display and a thin profile. On board storage is expected to vary between 8GB and 16GB. iOS 6 will be powering this tablet. It is also expected that this tablet will feature not one but two cameras for taking pictures and making FaceTime calls. There is no confirmation of the price points, release date or availability schedule as of now.

It has been confirmed by various sources that Apple might announce the iPad Mini on September 12, the same day on which it is expected to announce the next generation iPhone. While the latter is expected to go on sale merely nine days after the announcement, it is being said that the iPad Mini will not go on sale, despite the early announcement, until November or December 2012. The current reported production schedule is in line with this release time frame, as iPad Mini display production is expected to be increased to up to 1 million units per month in fourth quarter of 2012.

Most analysts believe that it is high time for Apple to debut a mid-range tablet of its own. Amazon crafted the mid-range tablet niche by releasing Kindle Fire tablet last year. The $200 tablet has become quite popular and is the only most sold Android powered tablet. Amazon is expected to release multiple Kindle Fire tablets later this year as well. On the other hand, Google has also joined this market with their Nexus 7 tablet. As soon as the device went on sale, the 16GB model literally flew off the shelves so much so that a demand supply gap was created.

Currently Apple does not even have a foot in the door in this lucrative market. Releasing a mid-range iPad, priced around or under $300, would greatly help Apple in achieving a decent market share. Lets just wait and see when the company finally lifts the wraps from over its new iPad Mini.

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