Apple iPad 4 Released, Comes With Powerful A6X Processor

POSTED BY Adnan IN Apple ON 25 Oct 2012

Apple surprised us at the iPad mini launch as we had no idea it was going to announce a new model of the iPad as well. Merely six months have passed since the third generation iPad was released back in March 2012. At the special media event in California, Apple unveiled the iPad 4. Don’t hold your breath if you’re expecting any major design or specification changes. The new iPad 4 merely comes with a powerful A6X processor and the Lightening dock connector.

This unexpected release has surely aggravated some iPad 3 owners, partly because no one expected Apple to release a new iPad model after such a relatively short period of time. Nothing has been changed in terms of design, it looks completely like the iPad 3. Come to think of it, the iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad 4 all have the same design. Does that mean the next generation iPad will have an entirely different design? I sure hope so.

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The Cupertino California based company has almost always followed its yearly release cycles. To put things in perspective, the original iPad was launched in 2010. The revolutionary iPad 2 was launched in 2011. The third generation iPad was launched in 2012 and now the company has launched fourth generation iPad in the same year. It should be noted that the first two iPads were launched under the leadership of Steve Jobs, and he almost always made sure that the company stuck with its annual release cycles. Steve is no more and with Tim Cook having the top job now we can see substantial changes within the company.

Many are of the view that a new iPad model was uncalled for after only six months have passed since the previous one came out. No one can say for sure why Apple did this, as this was certainly unexpected. Though its begs the question, does Apple really intend to release a new iPad model every six months from now on?

There isn’t much to say about the iPad 4. It touts an A6X processor which doubles the processing and graphics power as compared to the iPad 3. There’s a new FaceTime HD camera that is capable of 720p video recording. Retina Display is present and it boasts a stunning unmatched 2048 x 1536 resolution. iPad 4 offers the legendary 10 hour battery life, which all iPads have offered from the get go. One of the major changes is inclusion on Lightening dock connector which replaces the now outdated 30 pin dock connector.

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Prices remain unchanged. The base model, 16GB WiFi is priced at $499. 32GB and 64GB WiFi models are available for $599 and $699 respectively. WiFi + cellular iPad 4 16GB, 32GB and 64GB are priced at $629, $729 and $829 respectively.

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