Apple iOS Losing Market Share to Android

POSTED BY Greg IN News ON 7 Sep 2010

6a00d8341d85f453ef0133f3c367fd970b 800wi1 300x244 Apple iOS Losing Market Share to AndroidGoogle are doing better than expected with its Android OS, and its Apple who are feeling the impact with iOS losing more and more market share. In a recent study by Quantcast regarding North American mobile web consumption – iOS are still on top, but is watching its back as Android continues to rise.

The study in question measures data from the period of May 09 to August 10, and the results are clear to see when laid out in graph format. While Apple iOS remains king of mobile web space with 56% of the action, their market share is dropping – and fast. In contrast, Andorid, who had less than 10% of market share in May of last year are now enjoying 25%.

While 25% is still a long way from 56%, it is the curve of the data that is very worrying for Apple. While it is difficult to predict whether this curve will continue to rise for Android, their push into tablet space is likely to see their market share grow even further next year. Mobile web consumption is no longer limited to smartphones, and tablets are likely to be one of the biggest factors affecting the market in 2011.

Jerry Hildenbrand from Android Central has said that “whether you look at the numbers by the month, the quarter, or the year as a whole the trend is the same, and if it continues Android will have the majority of the US mobile browser market within a year”. While this may seem like a bold statement, it is hard to disagree with after taking a look at the numbers.

Apple may have been the innovators in terms of mobile web usage, but their time may be coming to an end. If these current data patterns continue in the US, it is likely that the Apple OS will hold a similar place in the mobile world that it does in the world of computers – a niche, alternative, and quality OS that exists in a world of its own.

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