Apple Fires Head Of iOS 6 Maps Over Poor Performance Of The Service

POSTED BY Adnan IN News ON 28 Nov 2012

Merely a couple of months have passed since Apple released iOS 6.0 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This new iOS update came with a lot of new features. Its predecessor, iOS 5, was one of the greatest iOS updates of all time and it brought with it over 200 new features. It was an instant success and Apple has built up on that success beautifully. iOS 6 is much more refined and overall better than its predecessor, but there exists one major problem.

When iOS 6 was still in beta stage Apple announced that it will no longer be using Google Maps as the default mapping service provider for its iOS devices. Rather Apple introduced its own iOS 6 Maps app which is provided with landmark and navigation data by TomTom. Soon after the release of iOS 6 to the public, users all around the world started complaining about the poor performance of iOS 6 Maps service. This has lead to the firing of iOS 6 Maps chief, Richard Williamson, from Apple.

ios 6 Apple Fires Head Of iOS 6 Maps Over Poor Performance Of The Service

The entire maps situation has been detrimental for the company in a number of ways. First it has adversely affected Apple’s reputation as this new mapping service is not up to the standard one can expect from Apple. Furthermore it has caused a series of executive changes at the company. Scott Forstall was also fired recently from Apple due to his non-serious attitude towards the entire maps episode. Scott Forstall’s duties have been divided among other Apple executives which include Eddy Cue and Sir Johnathan Ive.

Now it is Richard Williamson who has been shown the door at Apple due to the lackluster performance of Apple Maps. The adverse effect on Apple’s reputation notwithstanding, the unreliable maps service also hurts the debut of iPhone 5 which was released just one month ago and is said to be one of the major reasons behind the firing of Richard Williamson. He used to the iOS 6 team at Apple, based in Cupertino California.

It has not been revealed as yet as to who will be replacing Richard Williamson at Apple. It could happen that other top level executive could be given his duties as well, like it was done when Scott Forstall was fired. The iOS 6 Maps issue has Apple shaken up straight to the top. According to reports Apple is working on a fix which will be released in iOS 6.1, which will render iOS 6 Maps to work without any hiccups that are currently being faced by many users across the world.

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