Apple Expected To Shift Mobile Processor Manufacturing To Intel

POSTED BY Adnan IN Apple ON 1 Dec 2012

Time and again I have said that the Apple vs Samsung legal battle is perhaps the greatest legal battle I have seen this year. Both of these companies have sued and counter sued each other in a number of courts around the world. Both of these companies have received verdicts that have been favorable and not so favorable for them. Yet the legal battle wages on with appeals and counter appeals. Frankly, there is no end in sight when it comes to the case of Apple vs Samsung.

Regardless of all of their legal battles, Samsung has remained one of the major component manufacturers for Apple. Though in recent times we have seen that being changed. Apple is slowly but surely moving its business away from Samsung as it seems the company does not want to rely on Samsung any more for its components. Recent reports suggest that Apple just might give the business of mobile processor manufacturing to Intel, after striping Samsung of that privilege.

intel logo gadgetmix Apple Expected To Shift Mobile Processor Manufacturing To Intel

Processor and displays for its mobile devices are just two of the major components that Samsung manufactures for Apple. The fruit company has already moved its display business from Samsung elsewhere. This move has also reportedly resulted in production delays of iPad mini as the other display manufacturers have not been able to fulfill Apple’s orders on time. Over the last couple of months we have heard that Apple might be moving its mobile processor manufacturing business from Samsung too and now there are concrete reports that the inevitable is about to happen soon.

It is widely believed that Apple would award manufacturing of its mobile processors to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company. The aforementioned company has been linked to Apple many times and for all we know Apple could be bringing it on board as a second manufacturer. For the primary manufacturer of its mobile processors Apple seems to be heading to the big leagues. Reports indicate that Apple has already started discussions with Intel over this business possibility.

Intel is no stranger in the processor world. It’s processors are known around the world for their unmatched performance and durability. Moreover Intel is a much bigger company and will be able to handle the insane amount of orders that Apple would place for processors. TSMC is likely to be a second manufacturer which too would manufacture processors for Apple but on a much smaller scale. Nothing is confirmed as of now, but it will be in the very near future.

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