Apple Expected To Release Eight New Devices This Year

POSTED BY Adnan IN Apple ON 1 Sep 2012

With the holiday season just around the corner it seems only logical for companies like Apple to put out new devices on the market. Consumer interest in new devices is at an all time high during this particular season and almost every manufacturer wants to cash in. Apple has already released a new iPad as well as updated Macbooks this year. Now as we’re merely weeks from the official launch of a new iPhone, it is being reported that the Cupertino California company may release as many as eight new devices by the end of this year.

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It is believed that in the month of September alone, Apple might release four new devices. The remainder four will be released in October. New iPods, an iPad Mini and the new iPhone are already widely expected to be released this month. In October new and improved iMacs are expected for now, though it is likely that rumors regarding rest of the four products will begin escalating as the next month approaches.

KGI Securities has carried out a new research on the basis of which it claims Apple will introduce eight new devices this year. It should be kept in mind though that analysts at such firms are often overzealous and might exaggerate. Personally to me it looks like a long shot, notwithstanding the fact that several new products are due to release in the current month.

September will primarily mark the release of a new iPhone, one that has been anxiously awaited for quite some time now. This new iPhone has a plethora of rumors, parts and specification leaks to its name. It is rumored that Apple will announce its next generation iPhone on September 12. The company is also expected to announce the much rumored iPad Mini at this event, though it is believed that shipments of the new 7.85 inch iPad will begin sometime in October.

It can not be said for sure whether or not this research will prove to be entirely true. At this point in time no new Apple products have been rumored apart from the ones we have been constantly hearing about. There has been talk of a Retina Display featuring iMac, but those rumors have been received from sources that do not have credible track record in these matters. Only time will tell whether or not we see eight new devices from Apple by the end of this year.

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