Anonymous Announce the Anon+ Social Network

POSTED BY Greg IN News ON 30 Jul 2011

Anonymous has started its own social network, which they are calling Anon+.  In an effort to start an open-source communications platform, they are hoping to eliminate the threat of censorship and government shutdown.

Anon+ was announced through a tweet, when @YourAnonNews sent out this message:  Welcome to a new why of thinking about a social network. –
social networking lg 625x355 Anonymous Announce the Anon+ Social Network

Here is the mission statement released on the website, published again here with all spelling mistakes left intact:

Welcome Internet.

    Welcome to the official Anonplus Development Blog. There are still some loose boxes at the old place so excuse the mess as we move in. Until everything is settled we hope this keeps your gaze for a bit.

    For the non technical heres the idea behind AnonPlus straight from the idea woman herself Jamie of

    Anonplus was meant to twart government censorship – so that in the case of a government blackout – the people can still be heard. The people are so far estranged from their world governments that they do not have a voice – even outside of revolution – therefore, they need an amplification tool without having to fear censorhip from both the government AND the social network/media that they are choosing to use.

    This social network will also incorporate and facilitate an open source educational environment allowing those who want, to further their knowledge of things that are righted to them at birth without having to feed the machine thousands upon thousands of dollars to do so.

    This social network will allow open communication of ideas -and is essentially a cyber-anarchy formatted environment whereas the people are the ones keeping the peace in order via an “understanding,” rather than a “force” or “threat.” They will be able to achieve knowledge on how to defend themselves against those who would stand to oppose them in the chance that their liberty and freedom be threatened.

    This social network would allow open exchange of currency via alternative currency without feeding the grid – and those corporations that wish to strangle the average citizen’s wages without a conscience. The people would generate their own currency and wage via alternative energy means such as wind, solar, and geothermal energy – and then any excess can be used for gain using a barter/trade system via the social network anonplus without fear of being penalized like ebay or other similar networks do.

    This social network is essentially: The activists dashboard.

    For the Tech heads we have a technical writeup that gets updated as the project morphs. This is not a simple project and our goals are huge. We are also programming without the help of any framework to minimize host impact and that is why we dont use . We are not trying to piggy back off of anything , but create our own little piece of the internet.

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