Angry Birds Star Wars Edition Expected To Release On October 28

POSTED BY Adnan IN News ON 5 Oct 2012

Rovio is a well known game development studio that has a major hit under its belt. Angry Birds is no longer a game, its a franchise. Its even bigger than that, as Angry Birds has secured its place in the pop culture of today. There have been many editions of this amazing and addictive game. Its available for almost every platform out there, be it desktop or mobile. By the looks of it, Rovio has not yet called it a day on Angry Birds and it is feverishly working on improving the overall experience as well as offering more to its loyal user base.

If you’re a Star Wars fan, then again who isn’t?, then something really amazing is coming your way. At least it looks like it. On Tumblr today Rovio has teased what seems to be Angry Birds Star Wars edition. What do you think, is the battle between birds and the pigs that stole their eggs being transported to a galaxy far far away?

angry birds space1 Angry Birds Star Wars Edition Expected To Release On October 28

Rovio took to their official Tumblr page and posted a GIF that subtly reveals what the next Angry Birds edition is going to be. Before the release of this new edition takes place, Rovio will be releasing some toys first on October 8 at Toys R US in Times Square, New York City at 8 am EST. An announcement is expected to be made their around 10 am EST.

angry birds star wars Angry Birds Star Wars Edition Expected To Release On October 28

An independent news outlet has already confirmed that Rovio is indeed partnering up with the Star Wars brand to release an Angry Birds game that revolves around the popular franchise. An executive at Lucasfilm has already opened up about this partnership to said media outlet. While Star Wars is a brand and a franchise that is not going away anytime soon, it will surely help promoting it even more as Lucasfilm partners with Rovio to present its iconic Star Wars brand in a modern and fun way.

Rovio is said to release Angry Birds Star Wars edition on October 28. Hopefully we will have a bit more insight on this matter once the announcement takes place on October 8. It should also be noted that Rovio has just recently released another game titled Bad Piggies, which has received some decent reviews up till now. Regardless of the fact that Rovio is spreading its proverbial wings and releasing various other games, it is surely aware of the fact that Angry Birds is and will remain its most lucrative cash cow.

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