All Apple iOS Devices Will Receive Smaller Dock Connector By Fall

POSTED BY Adnan IN Apple ON 6 Aug 2012

There have been a lot of rumors about the upcoming iPhone. One of the recent ones is about a smaller dock connector. This new component is said to free up enough real estate for a relocated headset jack on the bottom as well as for the overall thinner profile. iOS devices have shared a common dock connector, starting with the first iPhone which was released in 2007. This tradition is not about to change with the next generation iPhone. It is being reported that all iOS devices will receive the smaller dock connector by Fall this year.

Apple logo  All Apple iOS Devices Will Receive Smaller Dock Connector By Fall

There have been conflicting reports about the smaller dock connector. Some sources believe that Apple is going for a 19 pin dock connector whereas some are of the opinion that an 8 pin dock connector is going to be introduced this fall with the next generation iPhone. Whatever the case may be, it can now be said with certainty that Apple is planing to replace the older 30 pin dock connector with a smaller one. Instead of creating a compatibility issue for accessories, there exists a possibility that come Fall, Apple replaces the entire iOS lineup with new versions that have said smaller dock connector.

This latest report could be true for all iOS devices except the third generation iPad which was released earlier this year in March. The iPod nano and iPod touch are already due for a refresh, whereas the iPad Mini is expected to be announced alongside the New iPad. Apple could very well announce all of these devices at one single media event. The third generation iPad is currently less than a year old and Apple does not release updated versions of its products until they have served the mandatory one year period in the market. Will Apple break away from its traditional release cycles and also announce a new 9.7-inch iPad with smaller dock connector this Fall? Tough chance, in my opinion.

Like it or not, new smaller dock connectors are coming to iOS devices. The media event in Fall might bring us updated iPods, a new iPhone as well as the 7.85 inch iPad Mini we have been hearing about for quite some time. All this is possible and can happen. What seems impossible is Apple prematurely releasing a new version of its third generation iPad. There is a slim chance that something of this sort can happen. Though to be entirely sure, we have to wait until the official announcements from Apple come in this Fall.

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