Adobe Flash Support Finally Pulled From Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

POSTED BY Adnan IN News ON 30 Jun 2012

Most of us use Adobe Flash on a daily basis. It might be for nominal tasks such as streaming video or music. Today Adobe has confirmed that it is pulling Flash support from Android with immediate effect. This means that the upcoming public release of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean will be devoid of Flash support in its entirety. Adobe had announced late last earlier that gradually they would pull Flash support for mobile devices. Now the inevitable has finally happened.

adobe flash logo e1341078502789 Adobe Flash Support Finally Pulled From Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

One might wonder why a strong company like Adobe would kill Flash for mobile devices, keeping in mind the fact that a substantial amount of internet content uses this technology. The reason Adobe gave last year was that they are going to clear up resources and man power which would then be utilized to further improve Flash experience on desktops, laptops and whatnot. All is not lost however, Flash will still be supported by mobile apps that are developed on the Adobe Air platform.

It was widely speculated on the internet that Adobe planned to kill Flash for mobile devices just because no Apple mobile device supports Flash in any form. Supposedly it was ex-CEO Steve Jobs‘ revenge against Adobe for not building software for Mac OS X back in the day when Apple could have gained a great benefit from it. Conspiracy theories aside, Steve was quite vocal about his disregard for Flash. He claimed it was buggy, unreliable and drained battery life, all the makings for a software that would never ever make it’s way on an Apple mobile device.

An Adobe employee explains how Flash actually works on mobile devices. The reason why Flash experience is often termed detrimental is because devices that ship without Flash usually don’t comply with pre-release testing requirements set up by Adobe. Hence the bad user experience. Adobe Flash is available as an app from Google Play Store for devices which don’t originally ship with it, but as previously mentioned, the user experience is greatly compromised. Starting with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, no Flash app will be released for Android devices anymore. There will be no certified implementations of Flash Player for Android 4.1.

After August 15, no new installation of Adobe Flash will be allowed from the Google Play Store. Devices which already have Flash installed will receive update till this date, but not any further. I believe the reign of Flash has ended and it is HTML5 that will define content on the internet from here on out. I am quite sure most will agree with me on this.

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