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Meet people behind our articles, the Geek With Laptop authors.

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Jacqui James

Jacqui is a bit of a reluctant geek. She has no formal educational background in techie stuff but a fascination for the sheer magic of technology and what it could do led her to take her first tentative steps into Geekdom. At first she was terrified by the overwhelming scent of testosterone but was quickly made to feel very much at home.

She can remember the days when hardly anyone had a computer, far less access to the Internet, and had to endure the frustration of having email and no one to send one to. In 2000 she graduated with a degree in Social Science and became a director of a small technology company but today she earns her living working as a virtual assistant and freelance writer and is currently writing a book about ‘happiness’. Read articles by Jacqui

Greg Morgan

Greg is a Philosophy and Media graduate, and an I.T drop-out who decided to teach himself the cool stuff instead. This philosophical bent gives Greg a unique take on technology, which he always tries to look at in terms of culture and human evolution.

Greg lives with his young family in an Australian rainforest on top of a mountain, and spends his time on a mobile broadband connection overlooking the ocean and contemplating stuff. He is also an electronic music producer with a love of all things weird and wonderful, who likes exploring time and space in his solar powered studio.

Read articles by Greg

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Gareth Halfacree

Gareth has long been involved in IT, starting out with classic computers such as the ZX Spectrum before upgrading to IBM compatibles and never looking back – although still holding a fond place in his heart for the Z80 and the Motorola 68000 range.

These days, however, his equipment tends to carry a bit more horsepower – but the open-source ethos is very much evident. With most of his attention – and income – focused on gadgets and gizmos, Gareth is never far away from shiny objects – and sometimes even manages to tear himself away from his latest obsession to write about them. Read articles by Gareth

Jayson Peters

Jayson is a newspaper editor, designer and pop culture blogger who has contributed articles to Wired magazine’s popular GeekDad blog about parenting and pop culture. He also teaches at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication in Phoenix, Arizona. Read articles by Jayson

David Allen

David Allen is a UK based freelance writer specialising in tech and gadget news, although he has worked on a very wide variety of subjects, including cars, lifestyle and breaking news stories. Being a lifelong fan Arsenal FC, he has experienced the joys of winning, but most of all being disappointed at the end of the season, “This makes for a better person” he says as it wouldn’t do for everyone be lucky in life, where is the fun in that!

He believes that the internet has opened up a whole world of opportunities for anyone that wants to take up the challenge and that there are plenty more opportunities to come, you just have to be there at the beginning of the next big thing. Read articles by David

Vladimir Prelovac

Vladimir is your old school type of geek with appreciation for true essence of what gadgets are – creative and usable devices. Read articles by Vladimir

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