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Welcome to Geek with a Laptop!

A life? Now that would be cool! Where can I download one?

Incredibly, there are those who still believe that old urban legend that if you’re a geek you don’t have a life. How last century! Never before have geeks been so much in demand; they are now the coolest dudes on earth. Geeks are not afraid of technology, they know how to create it, break it, fix it again, and develop it, but more to the point they actually understand it (well sometimes).

No one can deny that technology is now such an integral part of both our professional and our personal lives that no matter what we do or where we go we can’t escape it; it’s a fact of life. As such new and aspiring geeks are waking up every day so the geek community is growing fast, real fast.

We at GWL are passionate about life and therefore about technology, we aim to keep bang up to date with all that’s worth talking about such as the latest in computer technology, new and exciting gadgets and gizmos, useful and sometimes not so useful electronic devices and even other things that are just plain cool, pleasantly bizarre or downright odd and therefore merit a mention.

Meet the Dynamic Duo that make up Geek with Laptop team both of who offer different representations of what it means to be a geek in the world as we know it today.

kids 070707 About


has a healthy passion for cage fighting, all kinds of sport and funky house tunes but also has a penchant for gadgets and gizmos and all things techie. His boundless energy and infectious enthusiasm is what led to the creation of GWL. Dave is an aspiring geek of all trades so if you want an awesome review on an interesting product or idea then he’s the one to ask.

ja About


spends many hours crunching away at his keyboard coding, writing and developing all kinds of things that most people can only gasp at but you can read his books or Google him if you want to know more. This is the guy who once threw a party to celebrate his 10,000th day of life. If you have something really technical you want reviewed, he’s definitely your man. Vlad is what you’d call a full time master geek.

If you would like us to review any products please simply drop us an email from the contact us page and we will provide you an address to send your products to.

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Embrace your inner geek, get a laptop and get a life!

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