A homeless person

POSTED BY McEvoy IN Offbeat ON 28 May 2003

I saw a homeless person on the corner today, not begging, just reclining on the hot concrete like an arrogant Roman, glaring at the cars going by. Glaring at me. I did what everyone does – I pretended he wasn’t a real human being, I turned him into an abstract so I could continue on with my driving. There’s so many homeless people in our country that if you didn’t blur them out you’d go nuts from remorse. I mean, after all, these people don’t have a home for God’s sake. They have no money, probably no family. They’re like pigeons existing on what we throw away. Pigeons. The so-called Family of Man chooses to allow certain members of It’s Family to sleep on the sidewalk.

Here is what people don’t understand. The homeless as a general rule don’t want our lives, they don’t want the hassle. They want food and shelter and to be left alone, gathering their spare metal and their empty bottles to scrape up enough $$ for food and a beer, that’s all. They have their lives and you can’t change them, you can’t make them us.

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