2012 New iPhone With 4G LTE Compatibility To Release This Year

POSTED BY Adnan IN Apple ON 13 Mar 2012

Apple has only recently made their first product announcement of 2012. The New iPad, is Apple’s third generation tablet which does not carry the iPad 3 or iPad HD moniker despite numerous rumors. Looks like the company has decided to change the way it names products. The next generation iPhone is now referred to as the New iPhone. Rumor has it that Apple will release the new smartphone later this year and it too will tout 4G LTE compatibility just like the New iPad does.

iphone 5 2012 New iPhone  With 4G LTE Compatibility To Release This Year

Apple is known for it’s product release cycles. However last year there was a lot of uncertainty about the release of a fifth generation iPhone. Apple has previously announced new iPhones at the Worldwide Developers Conference. At WWDC 2011, Apple didn’t even say a word about a future iPhone. It was in October 2011 when the company finally unveiled their fifth generation iPhone and called it the iPhone 4S. The particular iPhone is no different cosmetically to it’s predecessor however it does come with amazing technology under the hood. It is now being said that Apple will stick to the Fall release schedule for new iPhones, which means that the sixth generation one will be released in late 2012.

The elusive iPhone 5 has been much talked about last year and in this year as well. Apparently, it has got an all new design with a quadcore processor, more RAM, better cameras and a bigger screen. It was revealed that Apple shelved the iPhone 5 plan last year and went ahead with iPhone 4S, but in 2012 an all new iPhone is due to come out. What they do with it, remains to be seen.

The latest rumor regarding Apple’s next iPhone is that the Cupertino outfit plans to release it in Fall of 2012. The New iPhone will come with 4G LTE compatibility as well. There is no logical reason as to why Apple wouldn’t bring 4G LTE to their next iPhone. Android competitors already have 4G connectivity and it won’t be logical for Apple to stay out of the foray.

Even if Apple is really going to release the New iPhone by October 2012, there are still over six months left. You just don’t know it with this company. Last year in the remaining couple of months they abandoned the iPhone 5 entirely and started producing iPhone 4S. Though that is unlikely to happen this year, we can’t be sure about the features which will make the final cut.

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