2012 iPhone Might Get AirDrop Support Thanks To New Wi-Fi Chip

POSTED BY Adnan IN Apple ON 3 Jun 2012

There is no shortage of 2012 iPhone rumours these days. Moreover, it is perfectly normal for a plethora of rumours to make rounds on the internet before Apple officially announces it’s next generation smartphone. Latest rumours predict that the 2012 iPhone might get AirDrop support. This particular feature will be possible through a new Wi-Fi chip that the company will install in it’s upcoming smartphone.

iphone 51 2012 iPhone Might Get AirDrop Support Thanks To New Wi Fi Chip

In the past few weeks the rumour mill has literally exploded. Not only are we receiving rumours regarding next generation iPhone daily, but we’re also receiving tips relating to iOS 6. Apple is expected to unveil a developer preview of iOS 6 at WWDC 2012. This particular software update is said to bring a plethora of new features to iOS platform, including but not limited to Facebook integration, new Maps app and redesigned App Store, iTunes Store and iBookstore apps. WWDC 2012 begins on June 11th at Moscone West in San Francisco, California.

Broadcom BCM4334 radio chipset is rumoured to be one of the components of Apple’s next generation iPhone. For the average user, such information might prove futile. However there is a lot of significance as this chipset might offer some amazing features for future users of the next iPhone. Lets discuss the significance of Broadcom BCM4334 radio chipset in detail.

Broadcom BCM4334 is a single-chip dual-band chipset that offers minimal power consumption. Its an upgrade for the BCM4330 model which is currently installed in the New iPad and iPhone 4S. The BCM4334 has been made using 40nm process technology which greatly reduces power consumption during usage or standby. Apart from this, the chipset is also believed to have support for 802.11a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0 as well as an integrated FM radio receiver.

This chipset is also capable of streaming via Wi-Fi Direct thanks to it’s latest switching techniques. This would allow Apple to introduce an AirDrop feature in next generation iPhone. AirDrop was initially released with OS X Lion. Users can drop files between compatible Macs easily using AirDrop. If the feature makes its way to the iPhone, then sharing content between Macs and iPhones will become significantly easy.

Its all very exciting, to be very honest. From the face of it the next generation iPhone seems like a product that will not fail to impress. Coupled with such impressive hardware, excellent software and an all new design, the 2012 iPhone just might be able to knock it’s Android competitors out of the ball park.

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