20 Twitter-Like Sites

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Twitter is a popular micro-blogging and social networking site with hundreds of new users joining the community every day. There are even more micro-blogging and social networking sites out there ready to be explored which offer almost similar services like that of Twitter.

Some sites even offer more, letting you to update your status via mobile phone, sharing videos, images and also allow you to create your personal micro-blogging network. Here in are some of the Twitter like sites that offer similar functionality and even more.


hictu twitter clone 20 Twitter Like Sites

Is a cool Twitter like social networking site which allows you to post short messages like Twitter. In  addition, you can also post short photos and videos to share them with your friends in real time.  Subscribe with a user through RSS to get updates. Create, manage and personalize friends list and make new friends as you go.


jaiku logo 20 Twitter Like Sites

Is a part of Google team and is maintained by the Google engineers in their part time. The main aim of this site is to bring people close together by sharing their thoughts, ideas, photos and anything instantly in real time with their friends. You can post short messages on the site and share them with your friends in real time using the Jaiku’s web site or by web feeds.


glue logo 20 Twitter Like Sites

Is a simple way to microblogging across different social networking sites. Easily microblog across different sites right from Glue using your mobile phone or web browser. It can post your message on Facebook, Twitter WordPress, Blog, MySpace and many more. Using their private API and feeds it is even easier to sync, share and publish content on multiple networks.


moodmill 20 Twitter Like Sites

Is a great way to show up your mood to your friends in real time no matter wherever you are. Just select your mood on the ‘mood meter’ and enter your status and submit it to share it with your friends. It is really funny and helps to manage moods between friends.


utterli 20 Twitter Like Sites

Lets you create and follow discussions with friends or people with similar interests. The content posted can be audio, video, pictures and text. You can create or join a discussion from any mobile phone or computer. Utterli definitely looks like a site that can become as addicting as Twitter.


gupsup 20 Twitter Like Sites

Is mobile group SMS service that allows users to create mobile communities and broadcast messages. GupShup is growing rapidly with thousands of groups on topics such as finance, entertainment, lifestyle, health, sports and technology.


jisko 20 Twitter Like Sites

Iis a non-English social networking site which allows users to post short messages like Twitter and share them in real time. You can also send @messages and direct replies on the site. The website updates messages in real time so that you won’t miss any message unseen.


mytalkat share intrest 20 Twitter Like Sites

It is a great site to market a product and get reviews from other users in real time. You can also link the URL of a product or your blog or website to get more traffic from people who share same thoughts like you.


plazes 20 Twitter Like Sites

Lets you share your location with your friends and let your friends know where you are. Using this site you can update your location status on many social networking sites like Twitter, Blogger, etc. and even on your personal website by using the Plazes widget. All that you need to have is phone which can send SMS or a browser to update your status.


wassr 20 Twitter Like Sites

Is a site to share ‘what you are doing now’. You can send posts to wassr either by using IM, PC or mobile phone. You can also maintain a diary by sending short messages to wassr in your spare time and even your other posts can also be included. It is a great way to stay in touch with family and friends.


blipfm share 20 Twitter Like Sites

Is for music lovers who want to share their favorites with friends and others. You can share your interests or songs with a link attached followed by a short message. You can even request for a song on blip such that your friends or others can blip the same for you. You can send @replies on this site for a specific user.


chatter 20 Twitter Like Sites

Is a site from Hungary which shares the user interface almost like that of Twitter. You can update you status with your friends and also subscribe through RSS to get the latest updates from your friends.


pingfm say it 20 Twitter Like Sites

Allows you to update your status on multiple networks (about 40) including Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, etc., right from one place. You can send an SMS or update it from an IM client or from web you can share images and text.


globeme 20 Twitter Like Sites

Is one another micro-blogging website which allows you to organize events on a timeline like Twitter. You can also reply to others posts and get replies and direct replies to the posts that you have shared with your friends. Add photos and any location notes you have such that you can know people who are using the service near you and let others know where you are.


blog thot 20 Twitter Like Sites

Is almost same as Twitter, where in you can share your updates with friends such that everyone in your friends list can know what you are up to. You can also see what your friends are doing in real time. Sharing photos, video links using this service is easy. Subscribe to RSS to get the updates instantly on your feed reader.


yurbo 20 Twitter Like Sites

Is yet another blogging service that allows you to share your thoughts with the world. You can also create you personal blog and start blogging with your friends and listen to your friends replies in real time. It’s a simple way to get started with blogging.


sweetter 20 Twitter Like Sites

‘Microblog and let your karma go up’. Yes, people can vote your posts that sets your karma points. You can post short messages up to 140 characters on the site and people can follow you just like Twitter. The only difference being ‘karma points’, the more ‘karma’ you gain that popular you will be on Sweetter.


blogynet 20 Twitter Like Sites

Lets you create your own microblog and share your thoughts with your friends. It  allows you to expand your network easily. You can share photos and videos along with short text. Find people who are sharing the same thoughts like you and it will also help to expand your business and promote products.


microblogr 20 Twitter Like Sites

Social network functions like Twitter such that you can post short messages updating your status to let your friends know what you are doing. Share photos, links and videos on this site easily and let others on this site know more about you and your interests.


wetwet 20 Twitter Like Sites

Is a social networking and micro blogging site using which you can update your status with your friends in real time. You can view the public timeline to see what people are talking about right now. You can update your status by sending SMS and receive new messages via SMS for free.

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